Hello friends and dear listeners (cari amici ascoltatori)!

Welcome to the "American-Italian Music Hall." I'm your host/producer Joe Farda and every Sunday at 2:00 PM I take you on a musical journey through "La Bella Italia", and we visit, briefly, Italy's wonderful, rich, heritage from the alps to Sicily.

Helping me are Italian, Italian-American, and American-Italian entertainers such as: Jimmy Roselli, Carlo Buti, Connie Francis, Gigli, Toni Arden, Joe Masielo, Ria Rosa, Pavarotti, Sinatra, Dean Martin, and many more, performing Italian, Neopolitan, or American songs with an Italian flavor. The broadcast is in English, but the music is always Italian.

We also present on-air interviews, dedications, prizes, contests, and in-studio surprises when an unannounced friend comes by or calls in. "The American-Italian Music Hall" began broadcasting October 1987 as a hobby. I own a personal collection of records, tapes and CDs which was started by my father and grandfather and I've been adding to it right up to the present. I must thank the many fans who have donated important, out of print, copies of records because they want to share the music with my cari ascoltatori (dear listeners).


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